The Art of Hustling

For some reason the term “Hustle” has a negative connotation. In my research, I’ve come to see it means to move with haste or to fraud or swindle someone, but in this day and age, any word can have a negative connotation. I choose to believe that we can assign whatever meaning to any word […]

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Final Destination

So for those of you who followed along with my journey as I traveled across the United States to Portland, then you saw my videos and pictures and saw first hand all the wonderful things I saw. I could write a book about all the awesome things I saw but I’ll settle for a post […]

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New Year’s Day

Today marks a new year and that means going forward into new adventures. It means we have a unique opportunity to make history. As we stand in the shadow of what some can consider a sketchy year at best, we have to consider what direction we want our country to travel. We have to consider […]

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Here We Go…Again

The year 2015 is coming to a close. It’s been quite a journey hasn’t it. As a people and a nation, we’ve overcome a lot- let’s recap shall we. Things started off rocky in NYC when the police force turned its back on the Mayor following the deaths of two officers which followed the shooting […]

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27 Years Later

I try and make a point to update this thing at least once a month, but I’ve been slacking. A lot has been happening and I’ve failed to keep the people informed. Basically, my life has changed dramatically and I can honestly say it has been for the best. God has really been moving in […]

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The Coming of Age

In high school I was the nice guy. The smart one. The most outgoing one. The vice president. The editor-in-chief. The loyal one. The dependable one. I looked out for my brothers and I had an undeniable sense of home.  In college. I became the mean guy. The rude one. The most depraved one. The […]

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The Kings of Summer

Well it has certainly been quite an interesting summer, in fact, I once again have plenty of material for any back-to-school “what you did this summer” essays I’m posed to write. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more fulfilling summer since childhood. So here’s a little of what I did. I turned 26. Enough […]

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