The Great AmeriCanadian Road Trip: Part 1

Some of you might remember a trip I took with best friend, Andrew Harmon back in the day. I never got around to telling the story because I wasn’t sure how to present it. It could have been Canadian Travel Tips or Canada to Maine but anyways––the other day, I was looking through some of the photos and there are stories that need to be told. So many stories so bear with me as I try my best to tell these stories. And I may not get them all out in one post, but they will be told, one way or another.

The journey started at Andrew’s house. We loaded these bikes on the back of the late Charlotte (RIP). Charlotte the Jeep Grand Cherokee was a pivotal part of this trip and I will miss her dearly.

 This was one of those rare moments where I was caught off guard––actually, it wasn’t. There were many of these “caught off guard” moments that just won’t make it into this story because there was entirely too many to count. But it was part of the experience so it matters.

Anyways, Niagra Falls was our first stop. This trip, The Great AmeriCanadian Road Trip morphed several times before we hit the road and then a few more times after we already driving and then a few more times as we started hitting destinations. When I say this was the most unplanned trip in the history of mankind it was that and then some.

So we get to NIAGRA FALLS and do some exploring around the falls, hit up a Starbucks and do some people watching. Before we head back to the car we stop for some local cuisine at a quaint little tavern Applebee’s. Yes, we drove 7 hours to eat at the cheapest chain restaurant we could find. Sometimes its best to stick with the familiar.

Fast forward another few hours and we land in our second destination––TORONTO, ON.

>>>Watch the Update Video<<<<

We made like 100 of these update videos and they all start with “Hello, America.” But the room––it was the size of a jail cell. Like it was barely big enough for the bed.

Actual Size 🙂

It was small and the A/C was crap but we made it work. It was part of the experience. We decided since we were only going to spend the night in Toronto that we should go out and explore and that was the single greatest mistake we made that night because it was dark and everything was closed and it wasn’t the best part of town but again, it’s about the unplanned experience. So we hit the road and made it to Montreal in about two hours if my memory serves me and that was a different kind of beast altogether.

To be continued…

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