29 Years Later

I started this blog when I was 22 years old as a way to get the idea out of my head onto another medium so that I could better understand what was going on up there in the first place. Tonight, I was reminded why I put stuff here in the first place. It’s to cope. In the past seven years, every year around my birthday, I look back on the year and reflect on the previous year and all the things I’ve accomplished. Not this year. This year, I want to do something a little differently. This year I want to address where I am and where I plan to go.

Firstly, I’m still working for the State of Ohio which is excellent. I am also an adjunct¬†professor, writer, and Uber driver. The latter has been by far best thing. I’m also in school, currently working towards my doctorate degree, and it’s hard as ever. Going back to school has shown me that once I do this, I will be able to look back on these trying times and try and make sense of it all.

Second, I have really been trying to develop my relationship with Christ. I have learned so much about God but there is still much to learn. I want to fully invest my life into the work the Lord has designed for me, but first, I have so much to do on my part. God is able to do amazing things, but you have to be willing to at least meet him part of the way.

Finally, I want to adopt my brothers in Christ into my family. I want these guys to be my first line of defense. I want them to be my champions, my biggest fans, and I want them to hold me accountable for words and deeds. I know that I would do anything for these guys and ya know what, I’m certain they would do the same for me.

It has been an absolutely crazy year and I know this year, whatever it may bring, I will be proud.


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