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The One About Crossroads

It's been two years since that invitation was extended and I have never been happier.

As I get closer to my 29th birthday, I can’t help but reflect on everything I’ve accomplished to date. To name of few:

  • I’ve traveled abroad
  • I’ve road tripped
  • I’ve published two books
  • I’ve earned a master’s degree
  • I’ve spoken at TED
  • I’ve seen life and death
  • I’ve grown stronger in my faith
  • I’ve found a church family that pours into my life
  • I’ve poured into the lives of others
  • I’ve found a great job
  • I’ve found some great friends
  • I’ve started teaching college courses
  • I’ve shared life with great people
  • I’ve stepped into the unknown

That’s only a few but the one that I’m most proud of is the one about my church. So this one, this one is about one of my favorite places to go, a place that feels like home just the same as my own home. Crossroads.TV is the single greatest best decision I’ve ever made. I absolutely love my church and I absolutely love the people that walk through its doors. Some of the best people I know worship alongside me every week.

I think it is so rare to find a church that you connect with on an almost visceral level. Life truly is better connected and Crossroads has shown me the light in that department. I never fear that I’m missing out because I know that I’m not. When you meet people who genuinely want to invest in your life, you connect with them and your cherish and nurture those connections and grow them.

But why Crossroads? Was it because of the worship? That helped. Was it because they gave a free T-Shirt? Nah. Was it because some of the people remembered my name? Close. It was actually because of what happened on the inside of me. The change that happened on the inside of me.

I got saved nearly 10 years ago and I chose to go to a Christian school and somehow by the grace of God, a camp in the middle of nowhere and an old pastor turned friend I wound up at OCU. And through OCU I met a guy named Danny and through him a guy named Ben. And when I was at one of the lowest points in my life they thought to extend to me an invitation that I could never repay.

It’s been two years since that invitation was extended and I have never been happier. It was during that first year that I met a guy named Jonah who asked me to be part of the Next Steps team. Weary at first, I accepted that invitation as well and that is where the real fun began. One of the best parts of serving on the Next Steps team is getting to meet people every week. Getting to hear their stories, their troubles, their triumphs, and their trials. I love getting to meet people who’ve just accepted Christ as their savior and I love meeting those who are just trying to understand the whole church thing. I love directing people to the wealth of resources Crossroads has to offer and I absolutely love it when they come find me and thank me for saying whatever prayer I’ve said for them.

I love praying for people and sometimes I find that I pray for other people even more than myself and that’s okay because I know my church family is holding me up in prayer.

Pastor Tim or one of the pastors on staff delivers a message every week in a way that’s relevant, relatable and understandable. I’ve never had that in a church save for Mr. Aaron Duvall. But the most loveable part of Crossroads has to be their love for serving the community. A church that is interested in growing, not just because the parking lot is full or not just because the sanctuary is full, but because they have a heart and a desire to see the people in the community get on the path to God.

In my time at Crossroads, I have met some incredible humans and in a few months when I leave this place, I hope they get to know how much I appreciate that place and everybody who walks through those doors. Crossroads will always hold a special place in my heart because it was Crossroads that helped me to open it again.

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