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An Open Letter to Amy Schumer

You can’t call out Donald for being a gross human being when you can’t seem to make a living without being a gross human being.

Dear Amy,

I grew up in this great nation and let me tell you I had the time of my life. I grew up through several different presidents and at the end of four years or eight years they leave office and someone new takes their place. And guess what, the world keeps going. Our economy grows and shrinks and upon occasion, it implodes and when it does, like good little Americans, we recover. Always have, always will. When you doubt the process, you leave room for it to fail and when you allow that message to spread, you encourage failure.

I had the privilege of being at a Christian college when Barack Obama was elected president and I saw the same thing I see now. People on one side cheering and people on the other side crying. I saw people scream “I’m moving to Canada!” and I saw people saying they were going to Mexico and that I believe is about the most Un-American thing you can say. And if we’re going to be honest, not being trustworthy is probably the reason your candidate wasn’t selected. I noted in your Instagram post how you seemingly blamed everyone for Hillary’s defeat except Hillary. You made sure to point out these things about Trump but you failed in one key area. Trump wasn’t elected because of things he had done nor was he elected in spite of these things. To call out Trump or the people who support him is downright hateful and spreading the message of hate says more about your character than it does theirs but that’s just my opinion.

You seem to care a great deal about the fate of Hillary’s campaign but the fundamental issue at hand is that we live in a divided country and when someone in your positon makes remarks that are inflammatory as the ones you’ve made over the course of this campaign you lose your ability to be a force for positive change. You can’t call out Donald for being a gross human being when you can’t seem to make a living without being a gross human being. You have this fear for our nation’s future and you want to shield our children from the likes of Donald Trump, but when those same children need to be shielded from you it’s probably time for you to reexamine what you’re doing with your own life.

The people who voted for Trump are not weak. Maybe it’s because you’re independently wealthy so you don’t see what’s going on around you but there is a lot of poverty in this country. If you take look at some of the states that form the “Rust Belt” the jobs are gone and people are suffering. So we have to weigh out what’s important, keeping people employed and keeping our vets off the street or worrying about the refugees from another country or peoples’ safe spaces and trigger words. Maybe you’re the one that’s misinformed.

These people are not weak, these people are strong. They are some of the strongest people I’ve ever met and if that makes deplorable or weak then so be it. But those emails that you’re so quick to write off, no we don’t know what’s in there but when congress subpoenas something from you maybe you should turn it over instead of wiping it out and crushing the evidence. Maybe you shouldn’t collude with DNC officials in an effort to cheat someone else out of the nomination, maybe you shouldn’t lie to congress and lie to the American people. You can defend her to no end, but like she said, “what difference at this point does it matter.”

So whether you meant it in jest or in fact, if you choose to go to Canada or not, despite the number of people that attend your shows, I assure you, America won’t miss you.

With Love,



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