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This, That and The Other Thing

We are the sons and daughters of liberty and it is an absolute privilege to do life with you fine folks.

I, Jerahn Dantrell Hyman, being sound of mind, body and soul do hereby bequeath the following:

First, the “This”:
I was always told that hard work and determination leads to a successful life. The people who say that are the ones who fail to acknowledge one fundamental thing–Spontaneity. I have always lived my life working towards goals but I have always taken time to explore the fun and exciting parts of life. As we approach this great crossroad in life with this coming election, I take heart in the hope that still lives within me. I want to share that with all of you too. Don’t get too caught up in the seriousness that you forget to have fun every once in a while. We may not be able to change our government, but we can change our hearts.

Next, the “That”:
To my friends and family: I want you all to know that I did everything I could in order to learn all I could. Everyday I seek to understand more and more about myself and the world around me. I reach for understanding in every aspect of life and you know what–learning has proven to be one of greatest things I could have ever sought after. So I share with you that drive. To seek, to know and to understand.

And Finally, “The Other Thing”:
America used to be this great place where people from all over the world would flock to and start new lives. They would move their families here and start fresh. The land of opportunity. The land of milk and honey. It was a place where people were proud to raise their families. This was until the government did all but move into your spare bedroom. We are faced with a difficult decision come November 8th and we have to make sure the rest of the American dream is not lost on an progressive, elitist movement. There are unseen forces at play here and we have to see to the end of the tyranny. So, to my fellow “deplorables”, I say keep your head up. We are the best of America despite what the the people who are so far left and right may say. And if I wind up on a boat headed back to Africa, then so be it because I didn’t ask to come here in the first place! 😛

We are the sons and daughters of liberty and it is an absolute privilege to do life with you fine folks.


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