10 Life Lessons

10 Life Lessons

10. Take Responsibility.
I learned a long time ago that your character is directly proportional to your ability to own up to your actions.

9. Be Humble.
You can’t win everything and sometimes being the bigger man means knowing when to be a good sport.

8. Stay Golden.
Being young at heart is the key to living a long and fulfilling life. Stay golden is an ode to Robert Frost and its adage that our youth is defined by ourselves.

7. Learn to Deal.
Sometimes, we encounter times that are difficult. We can’t let these moments define us, in fact, we must grow from the.

6. Live Victoriously.
I say it often, but I mean it. Don’t be constrained all the time. Allow yourself to experience the little victories and cherish those moments.

5. Aim High.
Theres an old adage that says you should shoot for the moon that way you’ll land among the stars. I live by that adage and I encourage everyone to aim high in everything they do.

4. Don’t Settle.
In concert with lesson 5, you should never settle. Keep moving forward. Set bigger and better goals.

3. Be Positive.
There is so much hate in the world, why propagate more? Stay away from hate and bigotry. Stay above it.

2. Serve Others.
Nothing is more satisfying than using your gifts and talents to improve the lives of the people around you.

1. Fight. Zealously.
No matter what you believe in. Fight for it, zealously.

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