The Price of Freedom

Freedom does not come without a price and as we go into this election season, we have to remember certain things as the electorate. The issues at play here are what’s important. As voters, our mission is to elect a president who is going to see that the issues that we hold dear are tackled in the most efficient way possible.

Politics are dirty- plain and simple. There is no such thing as an honorable man in Washington, DC. They all have agendas and ulterior motives and they all answer to someone else- and typically that someone is not us, the people who voted them into office.

As the electorate, we have a responsibility to the country that we reside in. We have to take care of it, and if we don’t- well, it won’t take care of us. We are called to be stewards- good stewards and we are called to tend to our families, our friends and neighbors. As the electorate, we have to do what is in the best interest of our way of life and sometimes that means making sacrifices.

The President of the United States must be the one person whom we feel will best carry out the mission that is our issues and like it or not, the mission is what matters. We get so caught up in who will make the best candidate and who won’t when all the while, some of the most wicked people aren’t even running for office.

Let’s take a deeper a look at this, shall we? A couple of examples:

Hillary Clinton– former Secretary of State, former First Lady of the United States.

Hillary is hated by half of the populous because she deleted a few thousand emails which allegedly contained data that could be construed as classified or sensitive at the very least. So because she deleted these emails she is no longer fit to lead the country.  She should be thrown in jail and locked away and key thrown away? Because she deleted some emails? I don’t see how that matters.

If she never deleted them, I don’t see how they would have seen the light of day anyways since it was supposedly above classified information. We don’t know what was in the emails and I don’t think America even knows what it takes to classify and email. It can simply contain a certain person’s name and thats all it would take to classify an email.

I don’t think the end of the world is coming because some emails got deleted and I’m not even her biggest fan. But leave it to the media, namely Fox News and people like Megyn Kelly she’s everything but a child of God and the talk of New York. I think it’s funny how they keep “breaking” a story with archived footage.

Donald Trump– Businessman, Real Estate Developer

Donald is probably hated by right side and the left. He is known for his attitude, loud voice and obnoxious personality. He doesn’t fit in a lot of people’s molds and that is a big problem. He doesn’t share the same ideological preferences as the right and he doesn’t fall in line with the left so where does that leave him? Some of a pariah. The thing about Donald, however, is his ability to rise above what every says about him.

Donald is known to have hired illegal immigrants, made shady deals and have very little patience for the unintelligent. And from what I gather, most of who he is aggrandized by the media and popular culture. I know the system is rigged, but can’t fathom it being downright incapacitated.

So with that being said- what is the true cost of freedom? I’ll let JFK answer that:

“The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission.”
-John F. Kennedy

So what does it come down to. We are human, flawed individuals trying to make it in America. These are the people who are running to lead the people. Guess what? They’re are flawed too. It is my guess that they are no better than any one of us. We have all deleted emails and browser histories and we’ve all made shady deals in some fashion or another. We have been jerks and called people out of their names and we’ve all done wrong by our neighbors.

Don’t you dare tell me you’re better than them! They at least have the courage to stand up there so that you can make a mockery of them. If you believe you can do better, then I encourage you to throw your hat in the ring- or are there too many skeletons in your closet that you’re afraid people just like you will drag them into the light of day.

At the end of the day the President’s job is to defend our constitution and what that means is to defend what it stands for- our freedom. And last I checked, we were still free to do as we please so before you go knocking the greatest office in the land, the ones that hold it and the ones that one day will hold it- remember you have the freedom to do so- some countries don’t take to kindly to its citizens acting as dissidents of the ones in authority.

In the mean time,

Stay Victorious My Friends.


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