Grit, Goals & Goodwill: How to Make It In America

I’ve often asked myself, “How do you make it in America?”, well I think I’ve found the answer in the most unusual of places. I’ll go ahead and skip right to the juicy stuff.

Grit: What is grit? How can I harness it? How can I make more of it?
All valid questions, but unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer, but I can answer the first part fairly confidently. Grit is what gets us up in the morning. Its the will to strive for greatness and its what gets us working toward our goals. Grit is our power to do (as someone so eloquently put it) hard work. Try as you might, nothing worth accomplishing gets done without grit.

Goals: Some people say that you’re only as good as your goals. Goals determine our life and our mission. When it comes to goals, we have to make sure that if we want to make it in American then he have to set clear, defined and achievable goals. Some people think you have to shoot for the stars, but thats not true unless your goal is to become an astronaut.

Goodwill: So are you wondering how this plays into making it in America? I would think this was the easy one. Goodwill is establishing and cultivating good healthy relationships. If its one thing I know its the importance of relationships. Don’t take them for granted.

Many people think that in order to make it in America then you have to get one over on the man or else the man is going to get one over on you. There is this perpetual battle underway where the people of the country are at arms with this country’s leadership. I do believe that over time the government has grown to take greater interest in the goings ons of its denizens and as a result some people have developed a dependence on the government.

Is that how it should be? Absolutely not. We should carry our weight. The country is like a machine and all aspects of it- communities, schools, the market, and the armed forces all operate in concert with one another. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. Do we need social reform? Absolutely not. Instead, we need social responsibility. But we don’t have that because of one thing- greed.

The American dream was misconstrued to mean get the most, have the most, keep the most and that’s not the way it should be but at the same time, we shouldn’t have Robin Hood principal where the top earners should be responsible for providing for the lesser. We should all continue to chip in our fair share and when that’s no enough, as a people we should help out instead of looking the government for handouts.

There is no such thing as a free meal and that should never be the case. We CAN make it in America, ya know, if we actually try.


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