Be Your Own Superhero

We live in an ever changing world and in this world, we have one life and with that life-we have the opportunity to do amazing things. With that, I’d like to take a moment and acknowledge certain truths- truths which I parallel with the life of a superhero.

  1. We are both directly and indirectly motivated by our own desires.
  2. The life we live should be lived with purpose.
  3. We are defined by the strength of our character.
  4. Being deliberate is the key to success

Superheroes are the things of our imagination that keep us safe at night. They give us a sense of belonging-a sense of security. They allow us to live out our wildest imaginations and they do so with zeal and integrity.

Like superheroes, we are motivated to do great things not only the people around us, but by the will to do good things, make great change and fuel amazing innovations in our lives. Superheroes take hold of the concept that in each and everyone of us, is a desire to make real, lasting impactful change in lives of the people around us. In fact, most of them come with a past that was less than desirable and they somehow grasp the need to be positive influence in the world.

World changers don’t just happen, they become. They see a need to change the status quo and they make efforts to do just that. The passion to do great things lives inside of me- and you. You have the ability to be great and do great things.

If it’s one thing superheroes do well, its live with purpose. They don’t go through life wondering where they’re going to end up, instead, they make the most of their circumstances, their situations and their time here on earth- why shouldn’t we do the same. Living with purpose can be as simple as waking up each day with a plan to take on the day with your goals in mind.

Having strong character is something we could also work to improve upon. It goes hand in hand with how we’re perceived by the people around us. Let’s look at one superhero in particular:

Batman has no actual superpowers and yet the people of Gotham still look to him for guidance, support and the occasional saving. His tactics are unlike other heroes in that he uses an array of gadgets in order to subdue his foes. That should be something we can all relate to. We have tools at our disposal that we can use to help accomplish our goals. But the one thing that helps Batman stand out from other heroes is the fact that he doesn’t have powers. He has to use something else entirely and that is the sheer force of his personality…his character.

Having a strong character is one of the most useful traits any of us can acquire and the unique thing about that fact is that it doesn’t take much more than will and desire to acquire it. Holding yourself to a higher standard, standing strong on your beliefs and living with integrity and decency are sure ways to build your character.

Lastly, one being deliberate.
Being deliberate is something I believe can help you become the most successful person you can be. On top of living with purpose and having a strong character and being motivated by your desires, you have to go after the things you want the most. It’s not easy, because frankly, I’m not there yet either. I get up everyday and one of the hardest things for me to do is to get out of bed and go work for someone else. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve been called to something different. I have a strong desire to help other people and I pray everyday that I get that opportunity.

There is a certain fear that is associated with the risk that comes with doing what we want to do and its not yet a fear I’ve conquered. So while I’m working on tackling my fear, be encouraged that you are not alone. We all have things that we want to accomplish, so while we  do that, do me a favor and fight for what you want-zealously. Be the superhero you need.

Stay Victorious My Friends 🙂


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