Killed By Death: Part I

Death wanted to take him, but someone else had different plans…

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Surfing Through The Struggle

Surfing, as popular as it has become in recent times, still remains one of the most challenging sports to date. It was requires a unique set of skills not gifted to many and is only available to a fraction of the population –¬†¬†notable those with close proximity to a beach with swells. As I continue […]

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The Price of Freedom

Freedom does not come without a price and as we go into this election season, we have to remember certain things as the electorate. The issues at play here are what’s important. As voters, our mission is to elect a president who is going to see that the issues that we hold dear are tackled […]

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Be Your Own Superhero

We live in an ever changing world and in this world, we have one life and with that life-we have the opportunity to do amazing things. With that, I’d like to take a moment and acknowledge certain truths- truths which I parallel with the life of a superhero. We are both directly and indirectly motivated […]

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