Final Destination

So for those of you who followed along with my journey as I traveled across the United States to Portland, then you saw my videos and pictures and saw first hand all the wonderful things I saw. I could write a book about all the awesome things I saw but I’ll settle for a post for now.

It all started at the Passion Conference in Atlanta and from there, Daniel and I headed out west through Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas before stopping for the night in Oklahoma City. We stayed with friends from FYC and got up early the next morning to hopped back on the road and went on to Prescott, Arizona going through Albuquerque, New Mexico. After a night in the hotel, we were back on the road and found our good friend and Daniel’s sister Laura in Sacramento.

Sacramento was a milestone, we had gone through LA and it was our last 12 hour day. We spent the night and took the next day to explore San Francisco. Three words- Golden Gate Bridge. Enough said. Back to Sacramento for the night and then onto Brookings, Oregon. We stayed the night at an ABnB and then hit up the coast. The west coast is the most beautiful place and maybe I say that because I’m from the east coast, but nonetheless.

We made it to Portland on Friday night and Saturday I went to the airport. All in all it was the trip of a lifetime.

I saw the wild and unbridled side of America and it was magnificent and unforgettable.


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