New Year’s Day

Today marks a new year and that means going forward into new adventures. It means we have a unique opportunity to make history. As we stand in the shadow of what some can consider a sketchy year at best, we have to consider what direction we want our country to travel. We have to consider what direction we want to travel.

Moving forward isn’t just about making resolutions or self promises. It’s not about declaring jump starts. Instead, it’s about embracing the past in order to create a better future. Our lives don’t operate in yearly increments that reset themselves every 365 days and give us the opportunity to make better choices or opt out of some of the choices we made in the previous year.

We have a responsibility to ourselves and the people whom we bring into our lives to make the best possible choices and when we can’t do that then the least we can do is try and learn from them. I for one have made some choices that I’ve been proud of but I know something else–whether rightly or wrongly, I made choices with the best of intentions and that is something that we can all learn from.

We can’t create a scope that fits the entire scale. Our decisions, made partly on ethical grounds, should be made with the greater good in mind. In conjunction with that, we must also take care of ourselves. In this new year let that be a challenge- that we first and foremost take care of ourselves.

On this New Year’s Day, I find myself traveling with some rather awesome friends and we’re headed to the Passion Conference in Atlanta. We’re staying the night in Knoxville, then in the morning we’ll set off on this incredible journey. The conference ends Monday, but my journey will have just begun. Immediately after the conference, I’m heading on a cross country road trip to Portland, Oregon.

Here we go.


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