The Case on Race

For as long as any of us can remember and long after many of us are gone, racism was, is and always will be at the crux of our culture. We live our lives each day with that sinking feeling that one injustice or another was rooted in racism. I’m not going to quote the […]

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Final Destination

So for those of you who followed along with my journey as I traveled across the United States to Portland, then you saw my videos and pictures and saw first hand all the wonderful things I saw. I could write a book about all the awesome things I saw but I’ll settle for a post […]

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New Year’s Day

Today marks a new year and that means going forward into new adventures. It means we have a unique opportunity to make history. As we stand in the shadow of what some can consider a sketchy year at best, we have to consider what direction we want our country to travel. We have to consider […]

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