The Kings of Summer

Well it has certainly been quite an interesting summer, in fact, I once again have plenty of material for any back-to-school “what you did this summer” essays I’m posed to write. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more fulfilling summer since childhood. So here’s a little of what I did.

  1. I turned 26. Enough said.
  2. I started a summer job in Columbus. I got to teach high school students how to build websites and in the process, I watched them grow and learn and it was awesome. I saw them turn into responsible young women and children and I thank God for putting me there, I could not have imagined being anywhere else.
  3. I started the process for joining the Navy. I have good intentions on joining and unless God tells me otherwise, I’ll be shipping out to Road Island in the next couple of months. Exciting right?
  4. Cedar Point. Goose and I spent the day up at the greatest theme park in the nation. We had a fast pass so we got to skip every line ever and it was awesome. And as much as I hate roller coasters, I became quite friendly with a few of them.
  5. Ryan came up and visited. Its always nice having him around.
  6. Camp. FYC 2014 happened. I am always looking forward to camp. Its such a great time and I loo forward to it every year. I was working this year, but I still made time for some of my oldest friends. I enjoy spending time and being an impact on the youth. God has called us to do great things with that camp and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next year.
  7. Mini golf…enough said.
  8. Day trip to West Virginia

On top of all that, I watched some incredible movies some of which I highly recommend**.

The Way Way Back**
The Kings of Summer**
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Life of Pi
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty**
The Fault in Our Stars


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