The Best Years

“Omia Mea Mecum Porto”

It means “I carry with me all of my things” although some translations puts it at “All of my things, I carry with me.” In either case, the meaning is quite clear and concise. A person who lives by the mantra simply states that all of the tools they need in life, they carry with them at all times, whether it be knowledge or understanding or physical rapport.

Years ago, I decided that I would take with me, everywhere I went, the astute understanding that people were going to let me down. I had to, in a sense, because in high school people changed so much it was hard to gather an understanding of who they were and in college, people changed so that they could fit into different molds and standards and beyond that people changed so that they could impress people who could advance them in places they wanted to be in life. I saw that a very young age, so I decided that I would never rely on other people to get me where I needed to be, in fact, during a speech I made to my high school graduating class I stated:

“…do not forget those who helped you get this far, do not forget those who will help you get even further, and most importantly, do not forget yourselves or your capabilities…”

Those words, especially the last part still rings true for me even today- I must not forget who I am nor what I’m capable of. I’ve done many things since I graduated from high school and I’m proud of the places I’ve been and the places I’m going. Some of those things include:

  • Graduating high school
  • Serving on mission fields
  • Authoring a book series
  • Studying abroad
  • Studying language and culture
  • Serving on a congressional campaign
  • Being featured in news and magazine publications
  • Speaking at a TED conference

School is rapidly coming to a close and that means I’m only a few months away from my Masters degree, which also means my time here in Ohio is coming to a close as well. I moved here 7 years ago with the intention to plant roots of prosperity, instead all I got was relationships. For some reason my dream of the corner office in the high rise in downtown Columbus wasn’t in the books, but that’s okay because I think in the end I found something even better, something I wasn’t even looking for.

I found great friends, an extended family, the love of my life and a joy and passion for doing good in the world that wasn’t already there. I found hope for a better future and I found best things. These have seriously been ‘the best years’- I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

So what’s next?
April 15: Approached Navy recruitment specialist about joining the NAVY.
June 3: I take the ASTB (Aviation Selection Test Battery) for admission into the OCS (Naval Officer Candidate School)
June 4: #26 (I turn 26- it’s my birthday!)
June 9: Start a new job in Columbus (name withheld unless I’ve already told you)
August 15: Apartment lease is up 🙂 (I don’t plan to renew)
October 9: Last night of MBA classes!
After that….we’ll see.

Here’s to the best years…and many more!

I’d like to thank my friends and family who’ve I’ve confided in over the last couple months as I’ve had to make many of these decisions. I wouldn’t be where I am without all of you. There are people in this world who will support you in what you do and there are people who will zealously attempt to stifle you, ignore them- and live. your. dreams.


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