Fear, Of The Unknown

There is always a fear of something that we don’t understand, or can’t quite comprehend, and since fear is relative, we like to think that we can control even that aspect, when in reality, there is a fear of that which we can’t control. We especially fear the unknown, because it holds an infinite number of possibilities neither of which we can control.

Our fears are derived from our own beings and serve as constraints for what we can and can not do- we spell out the differences between these fears by what each one is and we stand firm on them because they are our fears and we have to keep them close.

Our fears will guide us through our darkest days and they will be there beside us when we come out on the other side. Many people say that they can conquer their fears, but that’s not true because at any given moment, that fear can resurface itself and be just as much of a contender as it was when we first discovered it.

Fear – it grabs hold of us and it struggles delicately. Not enough to cause you to freeze, but enough to throw you off balance. It works its way into your system and plants little seeds of doubt and anxiety. Its never all consuming, that’s outside its nature. We on the other hand sometimes entice it- pushing our limits to see where it can take us, but that’s the thing about limits- you push on them enough and they’ll start to push back.

We contain our fear through action. You don’t walk to the edge of the cliff and look over unless you have a parachute to carry you to the ground. We know the fear and we know pain it can cause if we allow it. So we live with it- it carrying us and us carrying it.

I used to say that the only thing I feared was fear itself, and then I realized that fear is a much more dangerous being than I ever thought possible. I fear the unknown, because while I can’t physically see either one, the unknown holds a greater capacity than I could ever imagine. 


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