Time. It’s the one thing in this world that is not guaranteed. We have the now and then and those are absolutes, but the future stands out all on its own. Why? Because it can hold almost anything. We have a purpose. We have a destiny. We have hopes and dreams and all the while our time slowly but surely dwindles away. We’ll never know when it’s coming, all we know is that it’s inevitable.

Many of us never take the time to recognize this and some of us don’t see it until it’s too late. We are here, now. We have the ability to change lives. Like he did…and like He did. Our reach will never be known until we’re long gone away from this place. You can touch lives you’ve never met and you can change the lives of all the people who ever had the pleasure of knowing you.

Think about it, how do you want to be remembered? How do you want people to honor you? What will people take from the life that you lived? What mark are you making? What legacy are you building?

Sometimes I wonder if Josias knew how his life would affect the world around him? He’d be proud. I am proud to have known him. The strength in his family and closest friends is unmatched by any I’ve ever seen. I’ve lived a life less than perfect for long time- so long in fact that I never really took the time necessary to examine the direction I was headed in. So that’s what I did for the past year. I’ve reflected on my life and the decisions I’ve made. I now even reflect more closely on the decisions that I have to make because they decide the forever.

In my reflections and time spent with God I have gained a new prospectus on life and I have every intention of fulfilling the call that has been placed on my life. I want my point to be understood and I found that in order to be understood, getting straight to the point is essential.

I’ve learned, over the course of the past year, that we are all capable of instituting change and the change that we lay on the world whether it be big or small matters. It all matters and that’s the most important thing. It matters. It may not seem like much, but I spent a year writing this particular post and I’m satisfied with it. Someone will hear it’s message and do what God has called them to do, because on some scale- it matters.

What we do matters. Who we are matters. Where we go matters.
Live fully.
Like you never have before.
Live like Josias.



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