Us Against the World

Often times, we settle into our lives forgetting about our purposes and the path we are taking in life. We do this out of habit and if not checked, can lead us down a path that isn’t that desirable. I recently found myself in one of those situations and it reminded me that I have a greater purpose and calling. I was reminded at one of the reasons I was placed on this earth was to influence and to help bring about the next generation.

One of my life goals is to improve the lives of the people around me by at least 50% over that of my own and to some extent or another, I’ve done just that. I have to remember that life, like most things, is not guaranteed and that in fact, we have but a short lease on life. I often challenge myself to be the unsung hero, to be someone’s hero and to be looked up to.

In my work, I find that a lot of people look up to me, that some of my coworkers even have high esteem for me, so when I let myself down, I in turn let them down. It’s hard being the brunt of everything and like most times in my life, I feel as if I am carrying the weight of the world and it is about to crush me.

I, like most people, need the occasional wake up call. Like most human, I am not perfect and I do make mistakes. Big ones. The difference that lies therein, is that I also know how to learn from my mistakes. I use them as lessons for others and for building character. Many times, I find them crippling, but I have press myself to believe that better days will come and with time, they usually do. Time heals all wounds, they say, I can attest to that.

When I do find myself in the low moments, the ones where I have to try and get through the next moment, the ones that make you feel as if there is no way out and that worse will come to you. Many times, we place the brunt of the hurt on ourselves and it’s never really as bad as we make it out to be. But it does happen and when it does, I simply say to myself:

“Get up.” I tell myself. “Move on.” I tell myself. “Be brave.” I tell myself. “Your greatest works are yet to come.” I say to myself. They are, they really are.


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