Rediscovery: 25 Years Later

Today I “rediscover” who I am and how I came to be. I am not one to give myself all the credit, but I must return what I have learned to other people. We are all children of a great and mighty God. We are all given attributes of Him and we must all take what we have learned and bestow it to His people.

I, Jerahn Dantrell Hyman, being sound of mind, body and soul, do hereby bequeath the following:

To my other half, I leave all the love I have in the world. Be mindful of this, for this love is greater than any you’ll ever know on this earth. Cherish it, nurture it and it will grow into something amazing. I encourage you to be there when it does, because as long as you walk this earth you’ll never see anything like it.

To my best friend and partner in crime, I leave my humility. Every so often I was faced with a challenge that ultimately challenged who I was as a person. Humility got me through those situations and my prayer is that it will do the same for you. Be brave, and live.

To my brothers and sister, I leave my love for Christ. I can only hope that over the past few years I have served a Godly example to all of you. Over the years I have seen you all grow into some pretty cool people. I am grateful of that but I am more grateful for the challenges and struggles we faced in our formative years. I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything, I trust you all wouldn’t either.

To my parents, I leave my legacy that one day my own children will carry. Between the two of you I have learned so much of what I should be as a parent and while it was not always easy-we had what we needed. I thank you for saving me and the rest of us, as any of us could have easily been lost. My prayer is that you will both find peace about your situations and become better people because of it.

To my friends, I leave my hilarity, spontaneity, cunning and adventure-set. I have lived an amazing life and I have seen some amazing things and I have been to some of the most amazing places in the world. I hope you all find the time to explore the world and yourselves. I pray that good things to come to you and your families and I thank God for each of you in helping me to be the person that I am today.

Finally, thank you all. Go with God and be well.



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