The Ticket

So I show up to court all snazzy and whatnot. Here’s what happened.
The Case: Speeding. 64 in a 45. Expired tags and no valid proof of insurance. The fine- $189.00. Bad huh? Yeah, I know- I was there. The first thing I did was call the court and asked to speak the to Prosecutor (this is the guy who will formally make charges against you). I asked to file whats called a “Motion for Discovery” basically it means they have to provide you with proof that you did what they are claiming you did.

Once I got to court, the Prosecutor rounds me up along with the citing officer (the guy who gave me the ticket) and I explain that I wasn’t speeding because well, I know I wasn’t and he knows I was. After watching the tape- I was busted, there it was- live and in living color.

Prosecutor: So…
Me: So…
Prosecutor: So, what are we gonna do about this?

Now remember in these situations, the citing officer has the ability to cancel the ticket at anytime for any reason but this guy wasn’t having it so my next intermediary was the Prosecutor. He is the only thing between me and ultimately some sort of relief.

Prosecutor: So, what are we gonna do about this?
Me: Dismissal of the latter chargers and a no points violations.
Prosecutor: I don’t know.
Me: Take a look at my record.

Nothing that hasn’t happened in South Carolina appears on my record- the wreck, the two previous speeding tickets- nothing. **knock on wood**

Prosecutor: No priors.
Me: Precisely, besides, by the time he caught up with me I had corrected my speed and I was driving safe the conditions of the road. Dismissal- no points.
Prosecutor: Fine.

Next I have to see the magistrate who will give me some kind of fine for these charges.

Magistrate: If you accept the guilty plea, I’ll take the prosecutors recommendations.
Me: Done.
Magistrate: I’ll fine you $75.00 plus $69.00 in court cost. That’ll be $144.00.

At this point, we’re down $45.00 but that’s not good enough for me. I look the magistrate in the eyes.

Me: Look at my driving record. I’d like to keep it that way. I’ll give you $95.00 and we can call this what it is, besides, the guy behind me has been driving under suspension, there’s your excitement for the evening- there’s nothing here.
Magistrate: Sounds good to me.

The verdict: $95 fine and no points on the driving record. Walked out of that place with a little something extra, namely no blemishes on my record and little extra cash.

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