47 Dreams

Six hours I spent on the 4th floor of the Workforce building on the CSCC campus with 50 strangers- of which  47 were law school hopefuls with dreams as big as mine and 3 were designated as proctors. We came with enough motivation to get through the door  but at some point during those six hours we bonded as 47 people with one thing in common. We were after something. Something that only a few people ever go after. A degree program so rigorous that it requires it own test. The LSAT. The Law School Admission Test.

Defined by it’s 5 unique sections, the LSAT to me proved to be well worth the effort I put in to studying and preparing. Both academically and mentally, I had to focus in ways I had never done before and as for the actual test, I really can’t talk about it- no seriously I can’t, I signed like 20 certifications aka a vow of silence. But what I can say, is that I did feel prepared and I do feel that I did my best. Someone told me that was all that mattered.

After we got there, the 47 of us who came to take the test had nothing to do but wait- certainly not on absolution but on whether or not we had done all we could to be there. Did we study enough, did we practice enough- did we pray enough. It was quiet at first, unusually quiet and the proctors were all but organized. We managed. And after the 3rd section we were given a break. It was then that our personalities came out in the 15 minute vent session we were allotted. But when it was time, we broke out those Dixon Ticonderoga #2 pencils and put in work, and let me tell you. I feel good about that test!

There in went 47 Dreams, and out came 47 Destinies.


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