24 Years Later

Well 23 was good year, no, it was a GREAT year! It was the year I started The Crazy Awesome Adventures of the Summer of 2011, and it was the year I graduated from college. It was the year I started subbing. It was the year I found myself…again. It was the year that I truly found my independence. It was the year that God showed me some of the best parts of life and it was the year that I discovered true happiness. And it wasn’t found in the bottom of a bottle or at the top of some great peak. I found it my own heart. And I can safely say that if you look, each and everyone of you can find that same happiness.

It took me 23 years to find it so I don’t doubt you might encounter difficulties trying to find what it is that I found. And when I did find it- it truly was the greatest of times. 23 meant a lot to me. I’m not all too sure why, but it did. It marked many milestones in my life and I’m thankful for that. It was these milestones, that has and continues to shape me into the man of God that I so desperately want to be.

God provided me with many opportunities that have in turn coursed my life in the direction in which it is going. And as much as I want to tell you which direction that is, I can’t simply because I’m not all too sure.

23. I’m gonna miss 23, but I’m certainly looking forward to 24. I mean if 23 was great, then there must be a lot in store for me.

With age comes wisdom and wisdom is one of the most valuable commodities you’ll ever come across, so when you do cherish it. Omnia Mea Mecum Porto (I carry with me all of my things). It’s a Latin proverb that simply states that your wisdom should go with you wherever you go. Take it with you and share it. That’s your challenge. With that being said, here’s to 24.


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