The Lady at the Counter

She looked to be in her late sixties, maybe early seventies, but she was still getting around well. She kinda reminded me of my own granny. She was paying for her items at my register when she pulled her debit card from her wallet and toiled with the credit card terminal. When she finally realized how it was done she quickly slid the card into the reader and ejected it with ease. She then said “I’ve never seen one like that before”. That isn’t out of the ordinary because our machines are designed to confuse the absolute crap out of you. I explained that it wasn’t the first time I had heard that and she said “I guess you learn something new everyday, I sure try to.” The line was short so I asked her what she meant as I placed her items in a bag. She then said “Life is always about learning, you should learn as much as you can whenever you can.”

How about that? A lady old in age and still willing and wanting to learn more. I’ve met so many elderly people who don’t care to conform to the new standards of living. Still stubborn in the ways of their youth. But not this lady. She was inspirational. She was so full of life. I could see her heart beating in her smile. And it made me smile. It made me happy. Rarely am I impressed by the doings or sayings of a customer but this lady. Wise in age and rare.

My challenge is simple. Make everyday count for something. If it not be a personal accomplishment then it should focus on the personal accomplishment of someone I know…or don’t know for that matter. So for the people who think they’ve got all their bases covered and chickens counted think long and hard about what your next move is.

This was one of those moments orchestrated by God. Placing her in front of me and allowing the interactions that helped me to realize one of the key principles of the Bible. There is always more you can learn from it. That’s the big picture. As far as my big picture, I’m still a little sketch on that, but I still have ways to go in this journey. So here I go.


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