Let’s See How Far We’ve Come

There comes a time when we all look back on the times and realize that we’ve come a long way. Sometimes I do that on more than one occasion and sometimes not long after the last time. Yesterday I was at the gas station and I went inside to get a soft drink. Once I got the goods I headed for the checkout counter. When I got there, there was a lady in front of me and in front of her was an elderly man who was having trouble operating the credit card machine. Depsite the help he got from the cashier, it still took a considerable amount of time to accomplish such a minute task.

In my head, I was cursing this man for taking so long but in my heart, I had empathy for this man. I hear a lot of younger people say all the time how they hate old people and how old people are in the way and how old people need to retire and on and on. Well have we forgotten that old people are still just people. Yeah they’re seasoned but hey who couldn’t use a little more wisdom in their life. I sure could.

The crux- you can never know how far you’ve come, until you know where you been.


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