The Crux of the Cause

Those of us who are instrumental in the direct influences of another person’s life are sometimes considered a hero. But what is a hero? Is it a person who has the guts to do what no other can do or is it the person who can seemingly make the most out of nothing.

There it is said, at times, that some of us are looked up to. We are the role models of the coming generation and we are the ones that show out among the ranks of all our friends. So what do we do when it is clear that those who look up to us are going down a path that is clearly full of destructive obstacles. Do we give warning and hope they heed? Or do we stand on the sidelines and wait?

A good friend will save you from destruction, but a better friend will stand there and watch you drown. And then when your body has surfaced and the feats of life are all that will show against your face, he’ll tell you where you went wrong and what it was that did you in. He’ll help you deal while the good friend will only be your saving grace allowing you no chance at real failure…until they aren’t around to do anything. That’s when you really suffer.

The greatest influence you can have is the one that you have on yourself. Remember that.


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