Old Friends and Places

Today I ran into an old friend of my mine. She was withdrawing from the University to pursue other things. I kinda wish I had the same motivation, but I’m almost done with school. I have just but a semester left. We’ve only known each other for 3 years, but it feels like almost 30.

Tonight, I had what you would call a really good conversation with a good friend. His advice is ever needed and his presence is always welcome. He needs me just as much as I need him. I have 3 brothers of my own but he is one of the few that I rarely get to hang out with. It was nice and much needed.

In other news, I’ve completed another chapter of my book. I could do some writing this weekend, but that would take away from the non-stop excitement that is already my life- NOT!

Lastly, ya know that feeling you get when you realize that you’ve been out of the loop and you’re mad you didn’t know yet at the same time, you’ve been okay with the status quo. That’s the feeling I get when I think of this. Unfortunately, it can never be repeated, I just wanted to see if you knew what the feeling was. Ha! Oh well, Later days!


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