23 Years Later: The Story of This Year’s Boy

So I’ve been called This Year’s Boy ever since ’06. That was my year, but I decided to take all the subsequent years as well. Not sure why but I have. I guess some part of me doesn’t like to get left behind. I guess another part of me is intent on leaving my mark on the world. What kinda mark? Not sure. Do I want to be famous? No, not really. Do I want to be known for doing something great? Ummm yahh, who doesn’t! Right now, I’m listening to socially disturbing music and writing a book  that may only ever been read by 6 people myself included.

Someone told me that if you want to start a revolution then you have to have a following, I’m sure what that means, but would it be okay if I just stood for something that meant something? Is that okay? Awesome. I’m the guy who made the class of 2006 proud to walk alongside them. They knew I was destined for greatness, at times they told me so. In fact, they all told me I was going places. Those are the people who I’m writing for. Those are the people whom I’m still in school for. I’m gonna make those 160 and some odd number people proud and come reunion I’ll show them that they had a reason to believe in me.

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