Don’t Tread on Me

For whatever reason, I’m always on the go. I spent last weekend with old friends in Pennsylvania. It was awesome. We played Ninja Tag and I got to eat at Sheetz so it was a win-win. This week I was back and work and what do I do- well, lets see. 

On my first day back I incited a food fight. How I managed to pull that off you ask? When the cool college student is telling the prepubescent masses about how cool it is to throw food around the cafeteria things happen. Today I found out that word has spread like wildfire and well, due to job security I just may have to diffuse this- either that or make clear the possible repercussions of going through with this. In either case, I can stand back and tell the principal that I took measures to diffuse the situation and that they acted on their own accord. I’ll sleep sound knowing I encouraged these kids to stand up for what they believe- and that goes for the rest of the world- fly your flag high folks- DON’T TREAD ON ME!


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